I have been working as a night nanny for the past year, caring for infants overnight from the age of 10 days to 5 months. My experience includes working with twins, babies with colic, as well as sleep training. Prior to working as a night nanny, I worked in a nanny-share, caring for two infants and two toddlers for 2 years. And before that, I had a licensed home daycare for 10 years, caring for babies from 6 weeks of age to school age. All of the daycare kids started with me as infants and stayed until they started school, and several families had two children come through my daycare over the years. It was nice to establish a bond with these kiddos and the families, and we are still close.

While I had the home daycare I took a 40 hour course in infant development and received a certification allowing me to have a specialized license to have three babies under the age of 2 in care in addition to the other children. I also took over 100 hours of continuing education in various aspects of child physical, social and emotional growth and development over the course of my licensure. My other education includes a Bachelor's degree in Business/Marketing from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO, and CPR/First Aid certification.

I have lived in CO since 2001, and am a non-smoker who is healthy and very active. I love getting outdoors at every opportunity to walk, hike, bike, take photos and enjoy the beautiful Colorado scenery. I have raised two girls of my own, and recently became a grandmother. It was seeing what my daughter experienced after becoming a mother that inspired me to become a night nanny. In addition to loving babies, I enjoy helping new moms cope when they are tired and overwhelmed and in need of support as they adjust to having a new little one in the household.

I look forward to working with my next family as they welcome the challenging, wonderful chaos of life with a new baby!