Rena B

When I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business at Colorado Christian University in 1993, I was sure my only dream would be to work for a large corporation in a skyscraper working my way up the corporate ladder wearing business clothes and having a pager or cell phone attached to me at all times.  Although I did see that dream come true, I didn't realize until a few years later that I was going to have more dreams I would want to fulfill.  

At about the same time I was working my way up in management and developing strong skills for fixing and preventing problems in the department I was working in, I was also ready to start a family and begin that journey as well.  After having two miscarriages that felt emotionally devastating to me at the time, I worked with my doctor to find out what was causing the miscarriages, and went on to eventually have two beautiful baby girls.

Our first daughter was healthy and full of energy and I knew I wanted to stop working and raise her myself.  Our second daughter was born 3 years later, and my husband and I discovered she had low muscle tone and speech delays that caused her Developmental Coordination Disorder.  We spent many years taking her to speech therapy and physical therapy, and we know she will always have delays.

Looking back, I could have benefited from the help of a Postpartum Doula to help me with all of the challenges new mothers face, such as breastfeeding support, a break from the baby to take an occasional nap or shower, help with postpartum anxiety and depression, etc…  I realized that I wanted to do something for others that I didn't have - provide all of the physical, emotional and spiritual support moms need to take care of their babies.

For me, it is very fitting that the Greek word for Doula is "servant".  I have been called to teach and educate moms with their babies, and give them the support needed to heal during the postpartum period, while providing the tools and knowledge to care for their babies during these crucial first months.

I am a CAPPA trained - Certifying Postpartum Doula, CPR Certified, and trained in breastfeeding education.  I also offer information on nutrition, as well as basic exercise for new moms.  I have personal experience with postpartum anxiety and can offer emotional support and education.