Diane, a native of Colorado and a graduate of Colorado State University, has always known that caring for newborns and teaching baby basics has been her true calling. She began early, at the age of 5 watching her baby cousins for hours. At 6 she could hold them. By 10 she was babysitting for a Denver Bear's baseball team member's 2 week old baby, only while it was in its crib. And then the journey began. Babysitting became her forte and she would take the babies from anyone, when a mom couldn't calm them or put them to sleep. 
Diane is now a professionally certified newborn care specialist (NCS), trained to support, take over for and educate parents and families in all areas of newborn baby care. 

She works closely with midwives, birth doulas, lactation consultants, pediatricians, chiropractors, nannies and more so as to give the clients in her practice all the resources they might need in the first months of birth. This includes education, sleeping and feeding issues, scheduling, breast feeding, bonding with other family members, bottle feeding, storage of milk, formula information, nursery set-up, postpartum mom care and more.   
In addition, she is certified in Infant CPR and First Aid, a member of The Colorado Doulas Association, the Childbirth and Postpartum Association and the Newborn Care Specialist Association.  "There is always new education coming out.  My goal is to educate, support and care for the babies my clients are bringing home for the first, second third or however many times and have it be a memorable experience." This ensures that everyone adjusts and learns the proper ways to get enough sleep as we work together on newborn care and feedings, and other skills necessary to have a happy, healthy, thriving baby AND parents. 
Diane is very experienced in working with multiples, as well as with preemie babies.  

She has taken several advanced newborn care courses, certified lactation education programs and newborn and infant sleep conditioning classes.  She believes that if you learn to identify what it is a baby is communicating that they want, you can help to develop good newborn skills for babies, which in turn will leave little desire for them to have discomfort and crying.  Since, excessive crying creates unhealthy cortisol in the newborn's brain, not to mention what it does to the families nerves, Diane strives to teach parents to lovingly meet their baby's needs, yet not get caught up in feedings that last all day, as well as sleepless nights.  You will most-likely become one of the experienced parents on the block, with a baby sleeping through the night by 12 to 16 weeks old.

Diane will help moms and dads make a smooth transition into their brand new lives with their babies and will help guide you in all things baby related..from baby basics, to shopping for the nursery, cord care, first baths, sleeping and bonding issues, breast feeding education, nutrition for mom and much more. 

Life changes after having a baby. Diane can there and be your right hand professional to support you and your family right through the 4th trimester of postpartum nights, days and everything that comes up during this precious time of life.