Crystal T

Hello, my name is Crystal. Allow me to give you some basic family information about myself. I am the middle child of five with a 20-year gap between my oldest sister and youngest brother. My youngest brother is one month older than my oldest niece, who came to live with us at 15 months old. In high school I helped baby sit my two younger siblings and my niece, as well as helped babysit for other families in my neighborhood, were my love for children grew.

During my sophomore year of high school, I was elected into the Rotary Club and was given the opportunity to do my junior year of high school abroad in Poland. It was a wonderful experience where I was able to learn many things about a new culture and grew to love the differences in cultures. I continue to nurture my knowledge about different cultures every day.

After high school I went on to receive my associates degree in Culinary Arts in Las Vegas, Nevada. While working in the cooking industry, I found that it was not a great fit for me and realized my true passion in life is to help children learn and grow. I went on to get my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Development, which I use every day to enrich children’s’ lives.

I have been a day nanny for over nine years with many different families. During my day nanny time I have helped with children of all ages ranging from 3 months old to 15 years old. The families I have had the pleasure of working with have had anywhere between 1 to 6 children, some including twins and quadruplets.

During the 9 years of nannying, I have done overnights and night nannying for 6 years of that time. My nannying experience has given me the opportunity to work with many different families with different needs, such as preemies (mostly twins) with different health care needs including feeding tubes, helmets, oxygen, reflux, colic, asthma, and RSV. I have also helped with babies that are nursing and trying to adapt to the bottle or that have issues latching on to the bottle and eating.

The longest I have been with a family is three years where I have helped with sleep training, cloth diapers, potty training, as well as preschool preparation. I pay very close attention to details including the family routine and work to help the newest family members on the family schedule. I am a very organized individual and feel I am prepared for every job as well as I am a fast learner. I have been raised to be respectful and pleasant to work with. I look forward to helping you with your little one(s) and making life easier for you.