Cheri F

Hello, my name is Cheri. I have been working in the childcare field my whole life (that includes my first babysitting job, at age 13, with a sweet little newborn baby named Monica). Although my extensive experience is with newborns, I have also been a full-time nanny, a preschool teacher, and have even run an after school program at an elementary school. My main focus and specialties now have been newborn care and postpartum care. I have education in Early Childhood Development, Newborn Care, and I am trained in several different methods of Sleep Education/Training. I specialize in helping your little one (and you) sleep through the night. There are many strategies, and I believe every family is different. I believe in working with each individual family to find the strategies that work best for you! I am CPR/First aid certified. I have experience with preemies and multiples. I also have worked with many children with allergies and special needs, including Autism and PKU.

 I am one of those few, fortunate people that goes to work LOVING their job! I even had a family nickname me "Cheri Poppins". It is such a pleasure to watch these sweet little ones grow, and also so rewarding knowing I am helping the parents in need. I knew caring for children was my calling when I was 16. I had been a regular babysitter for a family with, at that time, a 4 year old and a 4 month old. The family went away for an overnight, and when asked, "You left your young baby with a teenage babysitter, overnight?" She responded, "She's not a babysitter, she's Cheri". That was one of the greatest compliments I had ever received. I look back now, as an adult and a parent myself, and realize what a huge compliment it really was! Taking care of children is my passion, my profession, and honestly, what I was born to do!