Because a mother gives so much to her husband and child(ren), it is imperative that she recharges herself in order to be able to continue to give. This has been my modus operandi from the first day that I became a mother in 1995.

I have been an on again off again night nanny since then, as I would often assist overwhelmed homeschooling moms during those years. Once my son left for college, I became a full-time night nanny. I homeschooled my son from K-12, and now he is an alumnus of Reed College in Portland Oregon. I have enjoyed making babies the priority during all of those years, but now I am currently pursuing a post-partum doula certification with C.A.P.P.A (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) because I want to assist mothers even more. I am also pursuing a New Parent Education certification, since education has been my major focus since becoming a parent. Outside of this career, my passions and hobbies lie in assisting young minds in pursuing a Classical Education, different community service options, and in finding the right college or career fit. 

The tree of life begins at the roots (pregnancy) and extends all the way to the leaves (when your child leaves home). I am your holistic nanny/doula/educator.

I take joy in helping your job as mother be a little bit easier.