Mom of Six | Breastfeeding…the baby knows how, right?

A friend of mine who is a new mother called me and asked why breastfeeding was so hard.  She was ready to stop and it had only been a few weeks.  Her biggest complaint was that she felt totally unprepared.  But lets be honest, she was.  She did no research before having her baby.  She knew babies were born knowing how to suck and felt that was all she needed.  Take it from me you need more.  When I got pregnant with my first I was determined to breastfeed and give my child the healthiest food option.  Plus, let’s be honest.  Breastfeeding is FREE!!  I knew the prices of formula and cheepo me I didn’t want to pay it. I took classes and read books.  I thought I knew every position and every trick to keep the baby eating.  I was ready….or so I thought.  It never dawned on me that every baby and every situation is different.  I felt like I knew what I was doing but what was up with my baby!  Why wasn’t she getting it?  Silly me!  Sure babies can suck but they don’t know anything else like how to latch on or not to fall asleep while eating. I had to just stay relaxed and work with this sweet little baby who was in my mind starving!  It’s frustrating as hell and yes…it takes time (like weeks) for the baby to really “get it” but breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding gifts you can give your child…and yourself!