Our Favorite Swaddling Blanket

Now that we have discussed why swaddling is important, the next step for parents is learning how to swaddle their baby.  There are many options out there for new parents to try when it comes to swaddling blankets and they really make swaddling easy.  Our favorite here at NNfN is the Miracle Blanket, it fits all size babies so you can use this as long as the baby or you need.  This really is the best $30 investment you can make for peaceful nights. I can't reiterate enough how important swaddling is, especially because a newborn cannot control their reflexes until they are 4-5 months old. The main objection that most parents relay to me is that their baby likes/needs their arms out.  It is important to understand that babies don't even know that they have arms at this early stage.  When you swaddle them, they feel safe and secure and therefore they will sleep better because their arms aren't startling them awake.  So parents, please try swaddling your newborns and see how it goes. I promise you, both you and your baby will be better rested. Next we will discuss when it is time to stop swaddling and move on to a sleep sack.