Wendy B

I have been a nanny and night nanny in the Denver metropolitan area for 11 years.  I adore babies and have a great deal of experience with singletons, twins and preemies.  I have cared for infants with acid reflux, hip dysplasia, colic, seizure disorders, as well as infants requiring oxygen and nebulizers.  I am always current on CPR and first aid as well as the latest developments in newborn care.  In addition to this I have an Honors B.A. degree from a prestigious Canadian University and am continuing my education in speech language pathology. 

I love caring for babies throughout the night.  It can be such a sweet time to nurture and foster sleep independence.  I enjoy working closely with families to help them meet their sleep needs and have done many “Sleep Training” sessions over the years with wonderful results.  I believe in fostering an environment of peace, nurturing, calm and quiet that is conducive to sleep.  In addition, I enjoy supporting nursing mothers and being a part of the postpartum period.  I am also pleased to prepare bottles and do baby laundry in addition to providing a detailed log of your baby’s night. 

In 2005 I was featured on Denver Channel 7’s nightly news as “Denver’s own super nanny”.  In this television segment I was shown working with a family who had two sets of twins under the age of 2!  I helped them implement a good daytime routine for their babies and made suggestions which resulted in better sleep for the entire family.

I look forward to sharing this precious time with you and your family,


Wendy B.