My name is Viviene. I am forty six (46) years old and a mother of three beautiful kids.
I am a descendant of the Caribbean. My children have taught me the insight of
patience, and how to relate to them. I started doing Baby Care work from 2010, but
in 2011 I decided to go further to become a trained Newborn care Specialist/Baby
Nurse. I have worked throughout the Tristate of New York, New Jersey, Florida and

During my tenor I have learned so many things taking care of babies, working with
different families all over. I have learnt and still learning many different reasons of
each child individuality. I embodied myself in this job, because it gives me a reason
to share, to let others feel secure, a sense of warmth and to be open to challenging
situations. It has taught me to embrace love with kids in a warm and friendly manner,
which gives me a sense of satisfaction each time my job comes to an ending, that a
small part of him/her life I was able to contribute wholeheartedly. A writer once said
"Children are our most valuable assets.”

I have experiences with singletons, twins and triplets. I have worked in many capacities
taking care of babies such as
• Preemies
• Acid reflux
• Colicky
• Torticollis
• Apnea
• Circumcision care
• Lactation help (currently doing a course in Lactation Consulting)
• Sleep training
• Making recommendations but not prescribing
• Identifying problems with babies first hand
• Sleeping training
• Incorporating parents in having good sleeping and eating schedules
• Working as post/partum doula helping parents throughout this transition