Monique D

I was born in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and loved it. At the age of nine my mother gave birth to my little brother and I was like a second mom to him. She gave me the opportunity to help take care of him even at a young age. At the age of ten, my family relocated to the Denver area where I had the opportunity to start babysitting for his friends and our neighbors. Working with children has been a consistent theme in my life. I also developed a passion for health and earned a BS in Integrative Medicine. Combining my knowledge of health and wellness with my love of infants I found my niche in becoming a certified Newborn Care Specialist.

My experience has included working for an agency caring for newborns and infants as well as older children. This included overnight jobs as well as day jobs. Through working with different age groups it became clear to me that although I love working with older children, my true passion is working with newborns since my gentle, calm nature combines well with this age group. 

I have been working with newborns since 2011 and have worked with single babies, multiples as well as premature newborns. Experiences working with babies experiencing colic, reflux, silent reflux, food sensitivities as well as bottle training, sleep training, crib training, swaddling, and scheduling have allowed me to learn tricks over the years! Some of the classes I have taken that teach newborn/infant development include: Breastfeeding for Multiples through St. Josephs Hospital, Newborn Care, Mind, Brain and Behavior through CSU and a Newborn Care Specialist class through Gentle Ventures, NCSA approved. Class topics included: breastfeeding, formula, swaddling, sleep training, reflux, preemies, colic, bathing, natural remedies, circumcision and umbilical care etc. I am also First Aid and CPR certified for infants through adults.

Doing artwork, singing, dancing, hiking, and spending time with my family and friends are some of my favorite pastimes. Being around animals is another passion of mine, I had the opportunity to volunteer as an intern at a holistic vet clinic. Since my urge to be near the ocean became strong, I moved to Hawaii for about a year. It is a future goal of mine to be able to volunteer with marine mammals and work towards having a healthier ocean as well as working as a certified Newborn Care Specialist.