Kelly W

Being a Colorado Native I have been able to enjoy this beautiful state with my loving husband of 16 years and our two amazing children.  When we started our family I was fortunate enough to stay at home with our kids from the time our daughter was born until our son went off to first grade.

When we brought our daughter home I remember thinking, “now what” scared and so unsure of myself and wondering if I’m doing anything right.  We received a home visit from a nurse the next day, she was an Angel sent from God!  I did not know she was coming it was just a little perk the hospital provided. The support, knowledge and confidence that women gave me forever change me.

As my kids were growing up I watched newborns and toddlers in my home for many families.  My love for children brought me back to think about how that nurse made me feel.  I thought, “I want to do that!”

I have been in postpartum care since 2005. I am certified in CPR and First Aid, trained in infant message and able to assist in breastfeeding as well as sleep training.  I am currently in the process of becoming CAPPA certified as a Postpartum Doula.

In working with many families that have twins, triplets and singletons I have gained the experience in dealing with many different situations such as: oxygen use, shunts, colic, reflux, nursing and bottle feeding issues also encouraging self- soothing and sleeping through the night. I would love to help you physically and emotionally through the postpartum phase so it can be an enjoyable, memorable experience.