Amy W

I have been a nanny/night nanny for over 23 years, and have had the pleasure of working with many families-all of which I have loved. Most of the families I've stayed in touch with and seen their kiddos grown up!!

I love caring for newborns, and also being the extra support families need when bringing a new baby home, whether their first or second or third-single or twins.

It was not until I had my first daughter that I really understood what women go through when giving birth, both physically and emotionally. Both of my girls were very different pregnancy's, births, and the postpartum side of it too. I strive to be there for whatever the families needs are, to work with them to make the most important transition the best it can be. It goes by so quickly and becomes a blur quickly when parents are exhausted and not being able to get the rest needed during such a emotionally and physically draining first few months.

In order for the smoothest and most stress free transition, I am always ready to finish up the chores that mom and dad are too tired to do at night-baby's laundry, cleaning bottles, making formula, etc.

I am also able to assist with nursing having done it with both my girls and having helped other mommies too. I strive to get babies on a consistent day/night schedule with theireating/sleeping, it is the most important foundation of a healthy, thriving, happy baby.

Happy Babies=Happy Mommys & Daddys!!!

I have experience with single babies and twins. I'm CPR and First Aid certified, and am comfortable taking care of babies on oxygen, pulse ox machine, having severe acid reflux, being on a heart monitor. I've also taken a basic infant care class and a sleep training class, as well as other classes to keep my learning up to date.

I would be honored to meet with you and your new little one, and possibly working with your new and growing family.